Xivik brings life to your apartment buildings.

It’s user-friendly features, makes it very easy to use. Easy access electronic doors. No more hassles with keys, worrying about sending paper notices to renters , no more reminder for rents and utility dues. Xivik makes it easy to report issues and complaints .

Amazing Features

We provides real-time availability, with a focus on including details of amenities apartment communities offer, and additional fees to expect, in its map-based app.

Payment History

User can see an their payment history anytime anywhere.

User profile

User can see their profile with their previous booking history any time.

Easy To Use

The app is very easy to use by users. This is a user-friendly app.

About The Xivik

Xivik helps streamline inquiries with its one-click feature, which puts interested renters in direct contact with the property manager, without having to fill out an inquiry form for every apartment they’re interested in or search for a phone number.

✓ Accessible anytime: Find your personalized alerts across all your devices.
✓ Stay in the Know: Receive personalized Alerts and get notified when listings that meet your search criteria are added.
✓ A Free App: Free of cost. Every listing here is posted by us, and no one else

A Bit of Us with Xivik

Xivik is for landlords to manage rental properties. This app allows you to keep everything about your rental properties, tenants, rental transactions (income and expenses). This is the effective and user-friendly app you will need for your rental business with 24*7 constant support.

Our goal is to provide the best features with Xivik. We believe the true way to your heart is through your ribcage and/or building a groovy product. We believe in a simple interface with incredible features with direct contact with the property manager.

✓ Allow tenants to view the details regarding rent payments made
✓ Store previous rent history.

Seen enough? We are currently in the closed beta.
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Service Requests

Communicate with the requester via email, our app, or through the system

Keep track of all updates logged in the system, so you can come back to them in the future

Stay on top of open requests with reminder emails

Benefits of using our service requests feature:

    No more sticky notes!
    Keep all requests from in-person conversations, over the phone, and via email all in one central location
    Requester will receive a confirmation number with their request number and details
    The system will send you follow-up reminders
    The requester receives emails once a request has been closed and has the option to re-open them
    Keep all requests from in-person conversations, over the phone, and via email all in one central location


Support 24/7

We provide 24*7 service. A user can request any type of service through our app.

Edit profile

User can easily change some of their profile information when he/she want to change.

Service requests

User can easily request for services using app. No need to go anywhere.

Transaction slip

You can get and see transaction slip anytime through this app


Get notifications alerts on price reductions, new listings or any type of updates.

Lock/Unlock Door

A user can lock and unlock the door through our app.

Benefits of using our announcements feature:

    Increase your reach with the use of Email, Voice, Lobby Display, and Push Notifications
    Save money on printing and reduce paper by distributing your announcements electronically
    Improves the communication within your condo quickly and effortlessly
    Track delivery results, to determine which mode of communication is working for what residents
    Quickly remind residents to submit their proxies before an upcoming AGM
    Attach documents and save a copy to the library for future use
    Ability to select the time and date announcements are sent

Visitor Parking Management


Owners sneaking in additional vehicles

Parking spaces not being enforced

Residents hogging visitor parking

What our feature can offer you:

    The ultimate parking protection with records of who is coming or going
    Used by the top security companies in Toronto
    Fully supports your existing rules, regulations, and parameters
     Confidential as you control who has permission to view the records and when

Ronak Selarka

Great App!! This app has so many useful features that makes managing all work easier for tenents! Nice and simple interface..

Payal Bhatt

The app is fine, it looks great and performs all the functions. I specially like send service request and see previous payment history through this app.

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